Friday, May 4, 2018

squeezing the human heart

There they were, today, one stacked above the other in the local paper ... two stories that squeezed the human heart, at least as I read them: 

1. The tale of the former president of the Massachusetts Senate, Stan Rosenberg, 68, who announced he would resign from his political seat today in the wake of an ethics report that found his now-estranged husband, Byron Hefner, 37 years Rosenberg's junior, had compromised Rosenberg's standing by promising to leverage his (Hefner's) marital status in pursuit of sexual favors from those seeking political assistance. Hefner has apparently agreed to alcohol counseling.

2. The tale of a local boa constrictor shot to death after it escaped from its enclosure and throttled a small dog or puppy while the owner was overseas.

Both stories springboard my mind to the old Meat Loaf song "I would do Anything for Love." ... a long song by a band I don't much care for, but whose theme I admire.

Both stories made me wonder about the back story ... the longing, the love, the blinkers that a love can seem to impose, and the oh-shit moments that are human-human-human. Aging man, younger spouse; slithering pet doing nothing out of the ordinary ... and then, and then, and then ... the longing, loving heart is pierced.

No doubt there are ways to dance and improve and explain, but in the end ... well, what end? Sad to think the boa constrictor missed its meal; sad to think another marriage hit the rocks ....

I would do anything for love, I guess.

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