Wednesday, July 31, 2013

belated college degree?

Half an hour ago, on a lark, I sent out a query to a local college, asking what steps might be necessary to complete my college degree.

At 73, I have no earthly reason to do this: I don't feel bereft by the fact that I made it through half of my junior year (plus a couple of college courses elsewhere) and somehow never completed the job; I am not looking for work; I have probably forgotten more than most college graduates remember; and I have no particular 'love of learning' or other miasmic impetus. It just struck me as an interesting idea -- one I will probably drop like a hot potato as soon as the financing and/or academic requirements are placed before me.

But there is something interesting about doing something for no damned reason at all: If I don't have a college degree, it means nothing; if I do get one, that too will mean nothing. I cannot think of a single thing that would be improved by having a college degree at my age.

Perhaps, sub rosa, I would like to do what my daughter has done, my older son is in the process of doing and my younger son may or may not do. Or perhaps I would like to feel more in the swim of things, less marginalized by age and retirement.

But all the pokings and proddings for "motive" ring hollow. I can live with what I have and can't envision being better off with what I don't have.

Why do it?

Well, why not?

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