Tuesday, July 16, 2013

holy drool

No one reading an advertisement for a car would imagine that s/he actually owned the car or knew the truth of owning that car. Advertising is a medium, but not the actual message. It seems pretty d'oh when reading a car ad. Someone would be nuts to assert s/he actually owned or knew the truth of a Corvette just by looking at scrumptious pictures or reading equally scrumptious advertising copy.

But what is laughably clear and obviously sensible when it comes to cars seems often to get fogged-over or lost when assessing various kinds of spiritual information: No need for the truth -- just credit the advertising and all will be well.

Does this compute?

Being the male chauvinist pig I am capable of being, I always thought owning the babe-magnet Corvette was more productive than reading ads and drooling ... no matter how holy the drool.

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