Tuesday, July 23, 2013


In the scrubbed, grey cool of this early morning, a tan rabbit stood still as salt in the middle of the 
street ... then hopped away. It was a new and refreshing sight in the wake of last night's rain ... newer and more refreshing than anything else that came to mind.

Last night, I stayed up past my bedtime and  bs'ed with my son. Today I feel a bit run-over and wrung out as a result. The usual salty snacks of thought seem to be out of commission for the moment.

So, in keeping with the usual writing habit, I will wuss out and borrow what I wrote responsively on a Buddhist bulletin board earlier. It's what I can manage ... chewing pre-chewed food:
Everyone feels regret.
I repeat, everyone feels regret.
The weight of regret is measured according to the desire to be free from regret.
No matter what Santa Claus or Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy is implored, still, everyone feels regret.
Practice builds the muscle necessary to be at ease with what cannot be escaped.
 Hardly the kind of information a bunny needs.

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