Sunday, July 14, 2013

hot again

A return to sweltering, wilting weather is promised today.

I imagine I will swelter and wilt on cue...

Like a caterpillar on a hot frying pan, curling in on itself in vain hopes of ....


  1. Its the same here Adam. From a very long cold winter and a cold wet spring we now have temperatures in the 90's...Ive just had a light lunch and a glass of Zinfandel Blush and I am semi-comatose...

  2. Peter -- Nothing for it but to curl up next to the wine bottle and purr ....

  3. That and switch on my new Dyson Air Multiplier Adam...Dont ask me how it multiplies air. The concept tickles me though.

    And although it has no visible blades it creates a delicious cool breeze.

    A have a nagging feeling it will turn out to be ungreen, or fattening, or somehow immoral...: )

  4. Peter -- Everything that's any good turns out to be bad for you. The good news is that if you wait long enough, someone will invariably do a study confirming that it was good for you all along. This fact, combined with an inescapable aging, helps to explain why "good" and "bad" are pooh-poohed by the wisest of sages. :)