Friday, July 12, 2013

your tax dollar at work

Passed along in email:

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  1. Better that some tiny part of our tax dollars is spent on robotics research than many, many other things the government spends our money on. (Even knowing that the military will undoubtedly turn some variant of these things into weapons.)

    FYI The prototype reminds me of a graphic I saw some time agao. See"Evolution of Cylons"

    (Cylons being the cybernetic workers and soldiers as envisioned in the TV series Battlestar Gallactica which ran for four seasons between 2004 and 2009. There was also a prequel TV series, Caprica, aired in 2010.)

    What particular interests me is that robotic beings as presumably being developed in the above clip are already bringing together fields of study including organizational theory, electrical engineering, architecture, system theory, game theory, and perceptual control theory, neuropsychology, behavioral psychology, cognitive psychology), sociology, and philosophy.

    The stuff of dreams.... and nightmares.