Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vatican criminalizes pedophile leaks

JULY 2013 - Pope Francis brought the Vatican's legal system up to date by criminalizing information that is damaging to the Church. A closer look to the new laws revealed that the pope has made it illegal to report pedophile priests....
“They know exactly what they’re doing,” claims Fabrizio Perona of Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper. “They just thought nobody would notice. The Church wants to impress the world by getting tough on sex crimes, but they criminalized leaks, which is the only way anybody would ever discover their crimes. It’s genius, if you stop and think about it.”
Just about the time anyone thought the words "heinous" and "grotesque" had run out of steam, some added bit of information stokes the fires anew. It has come to the point where self-important stupidity is no longer a viable excuse.

Let's see ... criminalizing the reporting of what in another venue (and certainly from the victims' point of view) would be a civil crime: Is this the justice of the Roman Catholic Church -- criminalizing the reporting of a crime? And then excusing the (in)justice with the assertion that matters will be handled in-house ... when all the evidence that has thus far come to light suggests that 'handling' the situation means hiding or covering it up. In what insane world could such an institution be considered holy or caring? If he were alive to do so, Franz Kafka would probably be ashamed of his mediocre attempts to convey human horror.

Here's the Associated Press version of the story.

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