Saturday, July 6, 2013

heat, heat, heat

Yet another day -- with more promised -- of temperatures scheduled to top 90 (32C). Together with the mold, which is reported to be high and to which I seem to remember I am allergic, there is a sense of being pushed back into a corner of inability and inactivity.

Sometimes circumstances win and there is no whining or violin-playing that will tame them. Advice collectors may be as right as they like ("when it's hot, sweat; when it's cold, shiver"), but where circumstances honestly claim the day, well, you can take your advice and stick it where the sun don't shine.

The heat here is as nothing compared to temperatures out west, where readings have touched and exceeded the 120 (48.9C), but where circumstances claim the day, "elsewhere" dissolves together with the "compassion" it might otherwise inspire.

As a bit of relief, a friend sent along a link to a story about police who were 911-called to what a neighbor worried was a serious domestic dispute. A woman was heard crying out, "Stop! No!" There were also occasional "loud noise(s)." It turned out that the man was farting and the woman wanted him to stop.

Which is more confounding -- hot air from one end or hot air from the other ... farting or talking? Either way, circumstances seem to claim the day and all beseeching can go suck an egg.

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