Thursday, July 25, 2013

interconnectedness and separation

Lightly ... lightly ... lightly ....

Hanging around with minds (my own included from time to time) that insist on asserting "the interconnectedness of all things" can be a trial. It's sort of like sitting in a well-scrubbed living room while some big blowhard of a fisherman tromps across the carpet in muddy boots: It's big, it's brassy, it's 'wise' in ways that test a sane man's patience.

The bigness and brassiness and wisdom, of course, relate to earlier times when there had been a palpable mistake in crediting and acting on the premise of "separation." Nosireebob! -- I'm not gonna get tricked by that sucker any more! Tromp! Tromp! Tromp! I've got the keys to paradise now and I'm not letting go! Ahhh ... the interconnectedness of all things.

But as there is great daring required in the actualized revision of the "separation" thesis, so, I think, there is once again great daring required in "the interconnectedness of all things." Is it necessary to assert what is true when it is true ... or is this just another version of The Fear Factor? Is it necessary to refrain from asserting what is true when it is true ... or is this just another version of The Fear Factor?

Lightly ... lightly ... lightly ....

Do separation and interconnectedness have much to do with it?

Around here this morning, the heat wave of the past week has suddenly broken and my feet are cold. My 'wise' mind counsels patiently, "Get some socks, stupid!"

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  1. Its odd the way that the weather in Mass. and in S.E. England seem to be in tandem this summer.
    The heatwave has broken here too...a fresh and lively breeze is riffling the river..bliss.
    Tomorrow,or so we are assured, is likely to bring thunderstorms and localised flooding..what larks !