Saturday, July 27, 2013

what does God believe?

I would like to ask someone who believes in God ...

If you believe in God, does God believe in something?

If so, what?

If you say His/Her/Its beliefs are set forth in the Bible, Qur'an, Vedas, Talmud or other text, does that mean such works encompass all that He/She/It believes?

If not and if the beliefs unstated remain unknown, can anyone lay claim to believing in the true God?

Does this make you wonder if ascribing beliefs to God is a bit too narrow for anything that might reliably be referred to as God?

If, at this point, you fall back on "faith" as a means of filling in the unknown bits, what is it precisely you have faith in and on what basis do you call it God?

And if you decline or are unable to answer such questions, is it unreasonable for others to question your status as a 'true believer?'

On the other hand, if you do not credit your God with the narrow confines of belief, in what way do you credit him/her/it?

I don't mean these questions as crabby or contentious. I'm just curious.


  1. The Orthodox Church holds a panentheistic view of God..note not pantheistic. Pantheism holds that God is in all things. Panentheism says that all things arise in, our beliefs, all phenomena.
    Me ? I seem to have been given no choice in the matter. Having denied the existence of God from my mid-teens I find myself in the daft position of being no more able to deny the fact of God than to deny the fact of the air that I breath..

  2. God arises in God ... it's enough to make anyone wonder why they bother with God ... how sensible or senseless that might be.

  3. Oh its senseless alright...As St Paul says " a stumbling block to the Jews and unto the Greeks foolishness "..
    But there we are..I seem to be stuck with it.
    You did ask, Adam...:)

  4. Always best to go with what you're stuck with. :)