Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"shitstorm" and "cluster fuck"

Europeans, being a little less linguistically prurient than their American counterparts, have noted Germany's dictionary adoption of the English word "shitstorm."
Duden, the equivalent of the Oxford English Dictionary in the UK, said it was reflecting the common use of the word "shitstorm" among Germans.
The word, which is used in German to denote a public outcry, seems to have caught on during the eurozone crisis.
While the word has somewhat wider implications in the U.S., still it is a wonderful addition to any dictionary ... apt, pointed, smelly, higglety-pigglety ... "shit storm" is one of the good ones for my money.

And the popularity-based inclusion of "shit storm" holds out promise for another utterly appropriate, if vaguely eyebrow-raising, description: "Cluster fuck."

Somehow I imagine that if "cluster fuck" came up for discussion among the creators of dictionaries, it would feel the full weight of political disapproval. Everyone likes to think that his or her profession contains a little dignity and prefers not to be called out based on accomplishment.

Politicians are no different.

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