Sunday, July 28, 2013

enough is enough!

From out of the ether:

When it comes to organized religion, nothing you will ever do will ever be enough. If there were something that might be enough, organized religion would collapse of its own inflated weight and organized religion is not built to collapse. It is built to go on and on and on and on, not as a matter of maliciousness, perhaps, but as a means of survival.

In some organized religions, death is the only out, the only sum that pays the bill, the only moment at which the fat lady is allowed to sing. From there, organized religion conjures technicolor scenes ... vivid imagination takes hold and there are grapes and virgins and and Elysian fields and harps and halos and the right hand of God ... for which the living may have some use, but corpses have not.

These observations are not intended as some cynical or humanistic harangue. They are not a refined version of George Carlin's astute and crabby riff, "Religion is Bullshit." Rather they are intended to inform or inspire the reasonable question, "If nothing will ever be enough, what then is enough?" This is a question organized religion is not equipped to answer in any serious way.

And knowing this may be of use to those inclined towards spiritual endeavor because it is only they who can say at last and with certainty what, precisely is enough ...

As in...

Enough is enough!

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