Monday, July 22, 2013

with bated breath

In London today, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is reportedly in labor with her first child,
the third in line to the British monarchy. There are throngs awaiting word ....

Similar, if not larger, throngs are gathering in Rio de Janeiro in anticipation of the arrival Pope Francis on his first overseas trip.

Anticipation: How many times, in ways little and large, has anyone waited with bated breath ... I mean really, THIS is exciting!

No matter how often the baby is born and turns out to be, after all, just a baby, and no matter how often a high profile man arrives in white robes only to be, after all, a man ... there seems to be an almost-wracking need to ... to ... to ... wait with bated breath.

Is this exciting or what??!!

PS. The delivery of an unnamed boy occurred this afternoon. There was, as far as I could figure out, NO other news on the six o'clock version of the BBC news here in the colonies.


  1. If you asked Madame B. you would get an unqualified ' yes !' Adam.
    In the middle of her hectic day..with dozens of elderly people being admitted to her hospital with heatstroke..she 'phoned to ask if there was any more baby news.....

  2. What's the etiquette in your country, Peter ... do we extend our condolences now or later to this poor kid?