Wednesday, January 28, 2015


A friend sent along the statements relating to the six-month withdrawal of a Zen teacher from his post as honcho for the Mountains and Rivers Order because he had "betrayed" his vows by camouflaging his relationship with a woman other than his long-time partner.

Although I have implicitly and explicitly beaten the drum, both within and without, for something akin to a "flawless life" when it came to spiritual efforts, the link my friend sent along left me tired out.

Flawlessness strikes me these days as a flawed notion, however hopeful and bright it may seem on the face of it. It may be inspiring as all get-out and may push a student in whatever field to excellence and a deeper understanding, but, well....

Things are indeed flawless.

Saying so is deeply flawed, a mote in the eye of the beholder ... and a misuse of energy that might be employed better in other ways ... lacing up unlaced shoes, for example.

The Buddha wasn't a Buddhist, and, nor, should sincere students get sidetracked or bamboozled.

I can hear the 'discussion' sabers being rattled in a variety of sheaths.

Sabers need to be carried.

Carrying stuff is not my best thing these days.


  1. Just a reminder: I don't mind critical remarks, even those that don't include much critical thinking. But I delete (when I remember) remarks written by "anonymous" This is partly because I think all remarks need to be marked in a way that might let others respond to a specific remark. The other part includes a distaste bordering on disdain for anyone who can't stand behind his/her critiques/vast wisdom.

  2. This is ridiculous. We are all anonymous in the end. You have chosen an illegitimate excuse for not confronting your own sexist remarks. As I said before, the old-boy network is hard to change.

  3. Dear Snarky "Anonymous" -- "We are all anonymous in the end" -- how insufferably wise! I am responding not because I imagine I can ameliorate whatever chemical imbalance you may be suffering from, but rather to point out that I feel a bit like an American being upbraided by a Frenchman for not speaking French. Why is it that I can lay out a perspective and, rather than lay out your own, you insist on carping about mine? Could it be that even that smidgen of honesty is too dangerous or open to rebuttal?

    I chose not to dive into a pool that I have swum in often -- querying, sometimes angrily -- the positions of what you call the old-boy network. I chose rather to express how I felt, a decision that you may not applaud ... and may want to create your own blog to address. Or, if you would like to state your views on purported sexism, perhaps you could do that here. Perhaps the issue is more important than your ad hominem critiques?

    I've been as polite as I intend to be. If you choose to post here, please pick a name, since you haven't the courage to use your own, and offer your own flawless reasoning. No more mindless fulminations, thanks.

    PS. As an indicator of willingness to bow to the good old boys, you might want to scan the letters at the bottom of this.