Monday, January 26, 2015

nameless snowstorm gains intensity

Juno, "queen of the gods," goddess of marriage and children, a protectress with an incestuous marriage... and now, perhaps, a storm worth noting.

Turn up the volume!

The weather service seems to have anointed an incipient snowstorm with a name: "Juno." Heretofore, to my knowledge, only hurricane/typhoons were named. The weather service label has not yet made it into the news stories, but I suspect it may as the storm actually does its thing. The storm is said to be due, in all its celestial fury, tomorrow.

There's no denying the sex-appeal of a storm with a name ... a bit of twinkly, focal sparkle in the midst of what must be a rather drab tableau of scientific observation and (hopefully) educated guesstimates. In times to come, perhaps people will remember "Juno" as they remember Hurricane Katrina ....
....Cecil B. DeMille, the director who brought us Hollywood blockbusters like "The Ten Commandments," presents .... !!!!! .... Juno... a fabled reality before it even arrives.

Does naming things help or hinder? Perhaps, tentatively, it helps, but over time its secondary nature cloys and drags the mind down into a quicksand of uncertainty. Is the snow more or less white when it has a name. Is sorrow or joy more or less potent with their name-anointed liturgies?

It's not just Buddhists who square off against such questions. And it's no joke trying to shovel your way out of this quicksand.

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  1. The place in the records strikes me as the reason for interest.