Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's celebration

My offspring and their affiliates, all in their 20's, went downtown for New Year's celebrations last night. It's a pretty big bash here in Northampton, with lights and fireworks and drinking and a ball that falls up rather than down as at Times Square in New York.

Not one of them made it to midnight, when the ball fell 'up.'

"It was too cold," said my older son.

I was in bed and asleep while all this was going on, but the reactions of my kin made me wonder what activities exist these days in which people suffer the downside just in order to say they had been there and done that... to get together so that their lives and the lives of others might contain the same DNA of memory.

Oh well -- whatever ... Happy New Year!


  1. Personally I could never see the merit of New Years' outdoor activities even with high octane beverages. I'd rather sip my coktails and champaigne in a warm place among friends.

    This year we stayed home watched TV and saw the CGI "ball" "drop" in Times Square. I was disaappointed that they did not have a Dick Clark hologram; for sure, it would hav been more interesting than listening to Ryan Seacrest's drone. I was also disappointed with the tired performance of "I'm still Standin'" by Sir Elton John. Flipping channels I was a bit surprised at how raunchy broadcast TV have gotten; but it did perk me up.