Thursday, April 5, 2018

a beautiful car

Are there any beautiful cars out there? Perhaps because my vision is going, I look at most of the modern conveyances and think, "Your taste is in your mouth." Where is the sheer beauty, the class, the ahhh? I can't see it.

Cars these days are rife with chrome-like substances. Not chrome, mind you, just gaudy shining bits and endless, useless bits of curvature. Gaudy? Yes. Beautiful? I can't seem to find it. You'd think that, if only by accident, someone would put something beautiful, something quietly elegant, out there. But I can't find it. Gaudy sells ergo gaudy is beautiful.

Age and crabbiness are all my fault, but still I find cars these days lacking in imagination and style. Beauty is not over-stated. Rather, it is quiet and precise and smooth and unapologetic. Today's cars are full of chrome-like apologies.

I'd love to see a car and think, as once, "I wish I had one of those."

OK ... taste is taste. One man's beauty is another man's trash bin.

And still I wish... if only to be younger, perhaps.

1 comment:

  1. Lacking in features or imagination?
    Yeah, affordable cars are boring. OK.
    They’re supposed to be functional.

    Go car shopping.

    Get into some high end beasties - Lincolns, Audi’s, etc. take them for test rides.
    Quiet & Smooth on the inside.
    HiTech up the whazoo
    And yet Particularly unobtrusive on the outside.
    Sit in the back and watch movies why doncha?
    Sit in the from and make movies for that matter.

    2018 New York International Auto Show
    Dates: Mar 30, 2018 – Apr 8, 2018
    Location: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City, NY
    Come on down!
    Sports cars that’d make James Bond envious.
    RVs better than many small homes.