Thursday, April 12, 2018

days of the week

Where once it was galling, these days it is the new normal -- checking with a reliable source as to precisely which day of the week it is. So this morning I confirmed with my son that it was Thursday and not some other moniker.

The reason I started doing this was to assure I'm taking the proper pill dosage on the proper day and thus to address the various mental collapses that come with old age.

Much as I might have found it galling once to ask, now it seems reasonable: What serious reason is there for tagging a particular time in a particular way? It's pretty much arbitrary and useless outside the framework of a stated goal (in my case, pills). But I am so habituated (a lifetime) to 'knowing' what day of the week it is that not-knowing can still seem to be something of a lapse or failure. Now, by contrast and in general, I am on the other side of the fence -- marveling that anyone might allow their credibility to be swayed by a "Thursday" or whatever.

Thursday is somehow brighter and lighter by nature of the fact that being Thursday is not a serious possibility... or at any rate a flimsy one. Perhaps I will designate days as animals: Elephant, giraffe, turtle, bear, right whale, jaguar and triceratops (assuming I wanted to keep things at a customary seven).

Pourquoi non?


  1. When I wake up and no one’s around and I’m not sure of the date and day I rely on the radio, a decent cable news channel, a cell phone, or a computer.

    Out curiosity Lately I added a Google Home Mini and an Amazon Kindle Dot to the mix. Cute little devices that provide information orally like on demand radio plus more: alarm clock, timer, calendar, calculator, help with spelling, etc., etc., etc.

    I never have had an innately reliable calendar in my head so this is nothing new.

    1. Funny how unless one is neat and well organized daily newspapers aren’t as reliable as the assorted electronics.