Wednesday, April 4, 2018

modern slavery -- a thinking point

A Guardian opinion piece from yesterday targets the UK, and yet the reverberations echo, I think.
Society abhors exploitation but we are complicit. The cheap goods and services consumers expect makes exploitation inevitable


  1. Well if it's inevitable there's nothing we can do about it. Oh well!

  2. The Guardia opinion piece makes an obviously questionable conclusion.

    Let's examine an America anecdote:

    Consumer's desire for cheaper prices causes them to shop at places like Walmart.

    Walmart's desire for their business causes it to exploit its employees and to import goods from China.

    Chinese companies desire to supply Walmart with cheap goids causes them to exploit their workers and cut corners on everything from stealing designs to using inferior fabrication methodology.

    Superficially, the author conclusion seems anecdotally correct.

    But, WHY are consumers looking for cheap as opposed to fair prices? Is it inadequate education? Are they just greedy? Are they exploited by their employers, landlords, and financial institutions?

    Is any of this adressed? Of course not!


    Just more misdirection aimed at guliible progressives by someone willing to further empower Neo-Liberalism.