Monday, April 2, 2018

the ultramarathon

They are an almost-impossible test of the human body and spirit, yet the number of ultramarathons has increased 1,000% over the last decade. Adharanand Finn asks what’s behind this rapid increase – and whether racing 100 miles or more is actually good for you....
But are ultramarathon runners doing it to be healthy? No one I spoke to cited that as the reason. Hoffman followed up his research with a fascinating question posed to another 1,394 ultrarunners: “If you were to learn, with absolute certainty, that ultramarathon running is bad for your health, would you stop?” Seventy-four per cent of runners responded: “no”. -- [The Guardian]
Reminds me a bit of a Zen Buddhist chum who was skeptical, in the meditation practice, of what he called the "samadhi junkies."


  1. There's something seriously wrong with our species.

  2. While some may be foolhardy, I am so extremely grateful that there are folks who push the limits and share experience. I am so grateful, tears are in my eyes.

    I feel sad also that their are those who never push their own limits. I feel shame for so rarely pushing my own limits.