Thursday, April 19, 2018

the "cradle of civilization"

One of the world’s earliest known game boards, this board comes from a royal tomb, circa 2,450BCE. Photograph: Photo/Penn Museum
A breathless press release-article about an exhibit at the Penn Museum in Philadelphia left me damned near breathless myself. Seriously ... and I dislike press-release writing habits, but....
The fertile lands of Mesopotamia are rightly hailed as a “cradle of civilization”, where some of the most important human innovations originated, from agriculture and writing to religion and music. The Penn Museum in Philadelphia has long been home to one of the world’s most significant collections of ancient artifacts from the region – but for years, only a limited number of pieces were shown in encyclopedic, old-school displays that did not do them justice.
The "cradle of civilization" and the best anyone can do is make war there?

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