Monday, April 23, 2018

marijuana and other drugs

Legality of cannabis in the United States
  Legal for medical use
  Legal for medical use, limited THC content
  Prohibited for any use
  D  Decriminalized
Once upon a time after I had retired and started collecting doctors and pills, a thin-lipped cardiologist observed with Calvinesque arrogance, "Your business is now your health." Outside the righteousness of his delivery -- a real prig as I discerned it -- I suppose he was right.

I think of this now as I observe both the growing acceptance of marijuana (it's the money, honey)
and the drugged insanity of the current U.S. president, Donald Trump. Marijuana is still a federally forbidden substance and yet states from coast to coast (46 of them) have cannabis regulations that skirt those regulations even as Trump dispenses a kind of America-'lite' form of government that is short on policy and long on demagogic bombast, eyewash and 'false facts.' Under the Trump aegis, things have grown less substantive -- thinner somehow, more watered down, more inclined towards self and its environs. Government by Twitter ... who'd of thunk it? Than what universe are Trump's improvements a feel-better improvement?

Government and drugs are for recreational use. Seriousness is relegated to those who can accumulate wealth of one kind or another. Whatever it is, it is for sale ... everything else is for fun, however painful that fun may be. And where there is pain, can drugs be far behind? The blunting of life proceeds, or that's the way it feels to me. Thank goodness for loud kids whose access to the internet, while separational in nature, can assist in the righting of wrongs.

It all seems a bit weird and confusing to this duffer whose health is perhaps his only rightful business.

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  1. Today a pundit, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN's multiple Emmy Award-winning chief medical correspondent, is going on record telling AG Jeff Sessions that medical marijuana can be of use to opioid addicts. CNN announced it will broadcast a report on the topic next Sunday @ 8:00pm.

    While the widespread acceptance of marijuana may be seen as parallel to the election of Mr. Trump and a non-wide spread viral rejection of his mentally deranged behavior and corrupt dealings, there’s no evidence that they are related even when viewed with other societal shifts over the last half century.

    Your idle speculation might make a good sociological book project “Changes in societal norms 1960 to 2020: Embracing Homosexuality, The Politics of Chaos, and Pot for Pain & Profit.