Monday, April 16, 2018

the "between" biggie

In the tsunami of biggies that can cross anyone's lifetime prow, "between" may be one of the (if not the) biggest.

Razor wire and its depredations pale beside the cuts and slashes administered by "between."

But let's just keep this between us.

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  1. I have a gut feeling that it's high time for a natural disaster but I couldn't tell my political appointee because I did not want to become a geologist researching geographical theories and statistics. While I would worry if it would be Florida or Texas, perhaps, Harvey had come and it is less than likely - who knows - that a hurricane appear this time of the year afflicting American coasts. Yet, while I am not trying to be superstitious, I have to be very honest that this planet earth is not that goodie two shoe heavenly pureland that Gautama would have liked it to be. It is one that is amazingly discontent and disatisfactory, because of the nature of how natural disasters come every now and then, when I am short of a major earthquake or a major eruption for too long a period of time, I am mindful that this planet earth will go bonkers. It's like menses and cum, we do not intend to be offensive, yet, a homo sapien naturally menstruate or ejaculate depending on gender, it's part of the anatomy. If the menstruation or ejaculation stops completing - what the Theravada was trying to do certainly i.e. cessation - it's not ultimately valid in a way, and more poignantly, the problem here with cessation while certainly enjoyable, is that when it does recur, sometimes it can be very bad.

    I remember as a teenager I once explored going six months completely without ejaculating i.e. without masturbating. It seemed holy, it sounded noble, hence I did not masturbate for completely six months. Yet, there came a point when the starvation did not make sense, and I remember that noteworthy day when six months down the road I told myself I had to clear the sewage, and goodness I was so surprised when I saw in the toilet that all the cum had turned brownish like arabic skin colours. The testicles are like an engine, if we don't turn it on once in a while, the cessation causes malfunction and it takes a while to turn it back on again. That's not the Buddha's teaching, yet, that's my truth.