Saturday, April 7, 2018


What would Jesus do? (WWJD)
What would Buddha do?
What would Mohammad do?

Perhaps the most commonly used in my country is "what would Jesus do," as if, by enunciating the question and coming up with a suitable answer, a particular course of action could be or would be sanctified in the spirit of someone who is enshrined in tenderness, dearly loved and possibly worshiped.

In dicey or confounding situations where there seems to be no easy or comforting answer, "what would Jesus do?"

And I wouldn't get snarky about it. Any time anyone can stop and reflect, under whatever auspices, strikes me as a good thing.

But I guess it's the next step that muddies the waters. If an answer occurs and if it is accredited to Jesus' account, the one who has arrived at the conclusion may feel not only correct, but also empowered: If this is what Jesus would do and if I'm doing it, then surely I must be right and, ipso facto, others are wrong, sinful, fucked-up or whatever.

Measuring my life against the life of someone I elevate is part and parcel of the religious hymnal. Any religious hymnal. But at some point it is worthwhile to take stock and stop leading a life that is devoid of evil doings and evil doers but also -- because it amounts to the same thing -- stop leading a life inflated with good doings and good doers.

Second-hand living is not the teaching of any healthy spiritual persuasion. This is a hard lesson, perhaps, but I see no way to escape its lash. What a bitch: "What would I do?"

I've run out of steam ... it's not all that important .... but I guess I'll leave here what has already been written.....

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  1. If such a device helps people sorrt out facts and values, assumptions and ethics; then it is good.

    Denouncing others' attempts at Compassion and Wisdom, now that's questionable. Take another approach.