Thursday, January 28, 2016

brought down, raised up

A friend wrote yesterday to say that a totally paralyzed right leg and a partially-paralyzed right arm had laid her up in the hospital for several days but that now she was on the mend, comparatively speaking.

What is there to say about a life that visits such circumstances upon its actors? "Benevolence" and "malevolence" may produce income for churches and other tale-weavers, but at some point there is a let's-cut-the-crap moment, even for those jerking off in the breeze as they intone, "it is what it is."

I am sorry when I hear or see that others are afflicted. I guess that derives from feeling sorry when I experience my own weights and freights. But who cares where it derives from? It's what I feel and that's just my business.

Brought down by sorrows.

Raised up by joys.

Pass the Dramamine.


  1. Brought down by sorrows, wow.
    Thanks for the phrase, so apt for this morning.