Wednesday, January 20, 2016

song from the movie "Babe"

It probably won't mean much either to those who once saw the 1995 movie "Babe" or to those who didn't, but I ran across this clip in which the normally-reticent farmer lets loose a song that expresses his silenced love for his sickened pig -- a pig, like other animals in the movie, that speaks and is trained by the farmer to herd sheep. The movie sounds sappy when described, but because it was not churned out of some Walt Disney smarm factory (the Aussies know how to make movies), it's just a wonderful, go-ahead-and-be-a-kid adventure.

Even today the lyrics get to me: "If I had words/To make a day for you/ I'd sing you a morning/ Golden and true...."

1 comment:

  1. If could, would. Apologetic wishfulness. Fear, sorrow, regret. It was my dad's favorite movie, but he grew up on an Iowa farm and had a soft spot for pigs.