Friday, January 15, 2016

uncharted territory

Every moment is uncharted territory.

No where, perhaps, is this more evident than in old age, when there seems to be more time to live the reality and less energy to give a TED talk on the nostrum.

Literally, uncharted territory. No one knows what's coming "next" or "then." And, as well, no one knows what is "now."

If I don't know, what the hell is this insistence on thinking or acting as if somehow I could elude or sidestep or outflank this rock-solid reality? If every moment, present or future, is uncharted territory ... well, isn't this a good realization and a time to revise the energies expended on pretending that my thoughts, words and deeds were ... uhhhh ... meaningful?

And much as anyone might revise the "meaningful" label, so too s/he might revise the "meaningless" toe tag.

It's as if life sat comfortably by a crackling fire and observed without rancor, "It's none of your goddamned business."


  1. Existence does seem to be a waste.

  2. Illness causes diminished energy. Likewise encroaching old age causes waning energy, but the worst are the insidiousness nature of laziness and self satisfaction.

    What? Did you think that simply being aware of life moment by moment is going to be enough?