Wednesday, January 27, 2016

perfect memory

The idea of having a perfect memory makes me edgy on the one hand. What an incredible burden. But, on the other hand:
Veiseh even thinks his condition has made him a kinder, more tolerant person. “Some say ‘forgive and forget’, but since forgetting is a luxury I don't have, I need to learn to genuinely forgive,” he says. “Not just others, but myself as well.”
I wonder if there would be less bloodshed if those promoting a resort to war were endowed with the ability/necessity of remembering previous horrors.

Also I wonder what such a capacity would do to "time."


  1. There was a time when i had a musicians memory, but no more. My noun's especially appear to be AWOL. And my doctors recommendation is just call everyone sweety. Though i can imagine some strangers might find it odd.

  2. My fallback position, at least with the ladies, is currently "dear." It sucks being old enough to get away with shit like that.