Monday, January 18, 2016

sex education

There is something crisp and enjoyable about the secret-laced reflections of a sexual health nurse.
... I will never, ever, laugh at your junk. I’ve seen enough genitals now to know that we are all truly unique. No one has a flawless lady garden, and despite what many like to believe, the perfect penis does not exist. No, not even yours. So go ahead, wax your flaps, bleach your anus, tattoo the entire cast of Fraggle Rock down there if you wish. But don’t do it on my behalf, I’m just here for the diagnostics.
The article in The Guardian is written by "anonymous" but has the ring of authenticity.

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  1. On the list of jobs i couldn't do, and a specialty i hope i'll never need. I'm just such a wimp.