Monday, February 17, 2014

a belief to die for

"A snake-handling pastor who appeared on US TV show Snake Salvation has died after being bitten by a rattlesnake.
Jamie Coots was holding the snake at his church in Middlesboro, Kentucky, when he was bitten on the hand, according to fellow preacher Cody Winn. The Middlesboro Police Department said Coots refused to have medical treatment for the bite."
Why is dying for one belief any sillier or more sensible than dying for another?


  1. "Why is dying for one belief any sillier or more sensible than dying for another?"


    One views an action as foolish or neutral or heroic based upon one's values.

  2. How are one's values formed?

  3. Belief bites. Kindness doesn't require belief. What else can be of value?

  4. Kindness doesn't require belief. Perhaps but belief-less kindness is simply a reaction-gesture. Great kindesses require great belief.

    "What else can be of value?" Nice poetic expression.

    Now get back to the real world where valuing kindness and doing small and great deeds of compassion are just two kinds of things people value. Hell even Buddhists value more things besides kindness/compassion. E. g. Three Treasures. Six paramitas.

  5. Kindness is kindness, great or small. Believe what you want, but beware of beliefs that tell you what is or isn't kindness. If kindness is just a reaction, what belief is needed?