Friday, February 7, 2014

screwy (or is that screwed?) America

Passed along in email:


  1. Actually it's much worse than Silhouette Man thinks.

    The One Percenters have gotten control of many aspects of education not just content, methodology and testing from Pre-K on through PhD.

    Here's a little parody I found on Diane Ravitch's blog to give you a taste of corporate educational "reform."

    Colin McEnroe of NPR in Connecticut has discovered the root problem of corporate reformers:
    “I don’t know about you, but I remember the moment when, as a boy, I fell in love with learning. It was 1964, in the spring. My fourth-grade teacher, Miss Vick, sat down with me in the late afternoon and gently pried from my hands Hardy Boys book No. 42, “The Secret of the Mummy’s Strategically Dynamic New Paradigms.”

    "“Colin,” she said. “I know you’re a good boy with a bright mind. But your EAPE scores don’t point to project-based learning across the curriculum. You need to scaffold texts to other texts, and to that end I’m going to start interfacing with your developmental space.”

    "“Miss Vick,” I stammered, “can you disintermediate that for me in a way that unpacks the convergence in assessment-driven terms?”

    "We talked for hours as the sun sank toward the horizon. I believe both of us wept. My mind opened like a flower. That night, I chopped my Hardy Boys books into little pieces and fed them to the neighbor’s python. I read Emerson’s “The American Scholar” instead.


    [Note: A few years before I left teaching my school district not only adopted but mandated methodologies that closely reassembly the scene here.]

  2. Marcelo -- Ooops ... I was deleting the non-functioning replies and somehow it took away your last as well. Apologies.

  3. No worries, Mr. Adam, would you like i poet again, about that chapter i told you?

  4. Marcelo -- As you wish ... I was just apologizing.

  5. i was thinking to make a bridge with what happened in the 60's here, concerning about the agreements of modernization in several critical √°reas of my country and a institution well known by the acronym USAID, and then, came to mind the words Hearts and Minds, how to conquer hearts: providing food and clothes at low prices, offering easy credit, how to conquer minds: controling education and culture (media), keeping the population alienated from political issues and stimulating the consumption, to keep them tied to the system, to the status quo, but this is a matter for a long essay, do not forget, USAID was created in 61, that institution is gathering information for 50 years at least, a huge knowledge on how to change things to change nothing or to keep things in same way, i would not be surprised if this knowledge is being applied in US nowadays.
    Marcelo Job