Thursday, February 13, 2014

Israeli terrorism

Passed along in email ... not perfectly argued, but perfectly enough argued to make me wince and shudder at the works perpetrated in "God's" name:

PS. And as an associative bit of information, here is the tale of Israel's treatment of another impediment to its desires:
In January 1972, Ariel Sharon decided that 3,000 Bedouin were in the way of a massive military exercise he wanted to conduct in the southern Negev and northern Sinai. So he summarily expelled two tribes in the el-Arish area of the Sinai from their homes, during a deep winter spell. At least 40 people died, mostly babies, children and the elderly.
How many solemnified excuses can anyone make for such activities before someone says, "Enough of your bloody bullshit!" ? Just because the child-beater was himself beaten as a child is not an excuse for his activities. It is simply a testament to his well-tutored background.

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