Friday, February 14, 2014

weather wobblies

The rhythmic roar began at about 4:45 this morning. Rich, my son-in-law, was in the driveway doing what he could to extricate his Mustang convertible from A. the snow that fell with gusto yesterday compounded by B. the freezing rain that fell overnight. What in other times might be his slick penis-mobile was not faring well in the white-white that was half-lit by the lamp across the street.

Finally, he attained a position in the street itself, rolled down the window long enough to shout, "This is gonna suck!" and slithered off to an hour-or-more trek to his engineering job south of here.

The aftermath of a large snowstorm is being felt in the northeastern (and some southern) United States. Flight cancellations are the highest in 25 years.

Southern Britain is up to its scuppers in accumulated and continuing rain. The Environment Agency has denied that its plans to shed 500 jobs by September would affect its flood defenses department.
Parts of Staines-upon-Thames are flooded and river levels are expected to rise further (BBC)
In California, organic dairies are desperate in the face of an on-going drought.

Warm temperatures in Sochi, Russia, site of the Winter Olympics, are scheduled to increase further today. At 3 p.m., the temperature was 59/15 F/C.

I suppose any or all might throw a wobbly about the weather, but ... would the weather mind?

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