Monday, February 10, 2014

in Siberia, the ponies eat snow

In Siberia, the ponies eat snow.

I learned this bit of information yesterday from a television story that was a sidebar narrative to the Winter Olympics currently playing out in Russia. Like all mammals, ponies need water; Siberia is awash in sub-zero temperatures -- often, though not always, there is no flowing water; ergo the ponies eat snow.

This bit of information probably qualifies as "totally useless" in most lives, including my own, and yet yesterday it carried with it a quiet, pervading "bingo." Wistfully, I wished someone would set before me a Zen koan -- any Zen koan -- so that then I could reply, honestly, for once, "In Siberia, the ponies eat snow." Everything was so obvious and easy.

Today, of course, it's just another piece of "totally useless" information:

In Siberia, the ponies eat snow.

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  1. NBC's coverage of the Olympics is as tedious and boring as watching a Yak pulling a plow. It's on delay giving them more time to provide meatier event coverage with less air head chat and fillers, but they are doing the opposite.

    Even while watching one of the more exciting events like Slopestyle I've dozed off waiting for the announcers to finish. If I cared enough I'd tape it and fast forward.