Wednesday, February 12, 2014

your menu and mine

Strange to think that if a group of friends sits down for breakfast in a diner, nobody takes umbrage when one person chooses scrambled eggs and another chooses fried...

And yet where spiritual endeavors are on the menu of life, all sorts of clamor arises over the choice of nourishment.

"Tut-tut!" some will say -- "religion ain't scrambled eggs. Religion is more far-reaching and profound and touching. The vast skies of importance are entirely different."

And maybe it's true.

But this morning I think that to the extent a person cannot or will not acknowledge and embrace his or her spiritual endeavor as a personal choice, then, to that extent exactly, the spiritual endeavor can never be satisfactorily actualized.

Religion is like zero: It has no free-standing impact or meaning. Only when it is Miracle-Glued to an espousing individual does its meaning soar or confound, inform or blind in any meaningful way.

Imagining that spiritual life will somehow be diminished or defamed when it is acknowledged as a personal choice is a very large mistake ... popular, I grant, but still, a very large mistake.

First comes the hungry (wo)man...

Then comes the food.

Anything else is a recipe for bloodshed.

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