Friday, June 22, 2018

brilliant and wimpy, both?

There is something egregiously wimpy and simultaneously brilliant about U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison's (D-Minn.... who plans to resign) opinion piece in the Guardian today. The piece posits the idea that Europe can deliver a kick in the ass the U.S. President Donald Trump by sanctioning the real estate he owns in Europe. Trump may weather other tut-tutting that affects middle-class Americans, but when the money comes from his own pocket, it might help to calm him down ... so Ellison argues in the somewhat sloppily-written piece.

Great idea -- hit him in the wallet.

But does Ellison need to look overseas for a good idea that American politicians refrain from delivering in one form or another? Pretty wimpy. Pretty Republican. Pretty Trump-style ... finding someone else to carry the water or responsibility when you (errrrr) can't or won't.

It's still a good idea, though.

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  1. Have you forgotten that many Trump buildings only licensed his name?

    In NYC at least three building have already taken down his name. His name also removed in Panama City property as well.

    First off how many buildings are actually owned by him in Europe. It might not be what he’d like you to think.

    Whether any or all European countries have the means and will to target and sanction Trump owned properties is simple enough. It was passed along in an appropriate venue. While Ellison has not been my favorite progressive Democrat. He did get elected.

    I’m more concerned with getting out the vote in enough places to change Congress in November.

    Now who is an electable Democrat to run for President. Attractive, energetic, intelligent, wise, and compassionate. Horn dogs need not apply.