Thursday, June 28, 2018

the failure of others?

Fortune cookie du jour:

Do not malign the failings of others without first casting a light on the similar failings of your own. And if, having cast the light, you are unable to excise what is malignant, at least have the good grace to take responsibility for it.

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  1. Below is a link to an interesting essay on a Buddhist approach to forgiveness. It is entitled, “Forgiveness is not Buddhist.”

    It seems that this self identified Buddhist author believes that within the context of the Teachings, forgiveness is not absolution and there is no forgiveness without taking responsibility.

    In my opinion too often “taking responsibility” is an admission of performing a set of actions. At best it is only the first step in true reform. Often nothing happens after the admission. Too often the problematic set of actions is repeated.

    In Fortune Cookie form:

    Eat your cookie. Own up to it. Pay the bill. Leave a good tip. Otherwise watch out!

    Like cookies, actions requiring “responsibility and reparations” are hard to resist.