Tuesday, June 5, 2018

the return of the Barbie Doll

Like a burlap bag filled with shards of glass, somehow women/men's clothing fashions came tinkling to the fore this morning. Playful, bigoted, just tinkling....

For the ladies:

-- The Lava Lamp Look: Has anyone else noticed the trend that seems to begin with First Lady Melania Trump ... tube-like dresses with perfectly-stuffed tits and ass ... the kind of thing almost no woman of any human proportion can fulfill? Oh yes, and a soupçon (but just a soupçon, mind you) of a belly. And the addition of the hair wig whose tresses dip down to a bosom as smooth-smooth-smooth as Lava Lamp blobs?

-- The Return of the Barbie Doll: The Lava Lamp Look may just be another reminder that the angry, anorexic, tit-less models of the fashion runways are locked in mortal combat with the new-look curves that have been so craftily shaped. No one is that skinny any more than anyone is that curvaceous. Yes, a reconfigured Barbie may have hit the toy stores, but what is left out of that equation is that she migrated to the White House.

For the men:
All the men seem to be migrating to the stick-figure fag suits. Not Donald Trump, of course -- he's a one-off. But all the other high-profile, in-the-public-eye types.... Oh, they are just so cute!

PS. As another personal preference, there is one woman who even stands a chance of displaying both taste and chutzpah in the clothes she wears... and leaves all the others, skinny or blob-like, in the dust: Christine Lagarde: I just get the sense that she likes clothes and refuses to be ruled by fashion.

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