Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Israel kills another Palestinian rock-thrower

 Friends mourn Ezz El-Deen al-Tamimi, a Palestinian shot three times after he threw a rock.
Rack up another one for the Israelis:
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - The Israeli military shot dead a Palestinian during a raid in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday, saying a soldier fired back after a man pelted him with a rock.
Does anyone else feel the similarities between Israel shooting-dead Palestinians armed with rocks and knives and the difficulty some American black people feel when running up against or perhaps away from U.S. police departments?

The likely impunity with which the Israeli soldier/shooter will be cloaked -- three bullets at close range by some accounts -- was meanwhile being utilized as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sat down with European Union members and beat the drum for a withdrawal from an Iran-denuclearization deal that Europe remains committed to even after Donald Trump withdrew U.S. support.

We'll push your agenda if you cover our shoot-'em-down policies.

In other words, Netanyahu carries water for, among others, Donald Trump, based partly on the three bullets that killed a 21-year-old rock thrower. Netanyahu has proven over and over again that his distaste for Iran is unbending (his conservative backers expect/demand no less). If there is something to sweeten the anti-Iran pot, so be it. One dead Palestinian. One making-sure soldier. And impunity the likely outcome of any planned "investigation."

Who is whose lap dog in all this -- Trump or Netanyahu?
The Israeli military controls most of the territory of the West Bank, protecting 400,000 Jewish settlers who now live there among around 3 million Palestinians. U.S.-brokered peace talks collapsed in 2014.
Israeli use of force against Palestinians has drawn particular international attention in recent months after at least 120 Palestinians were killed during protests at the Israeli border with the Gaza Strip, including 60 in a single day on May 14.
Trump and Netanyahu -- is that a mid-term election ticket?



  2. “Benjamin Netanyahu’s father, Benzion Netanyahu, wrote several influential books arguing that since “the Arabs” will never accept Israel, Israel must settle in for decades of long, grinding conflict with them, finally wearing them down. That is the Israeli right’s alternative to a two-state solution: a century of occupation and occasional war.”

    - Why Trump’s Jewish Backers Love the Alt-Right
    Jay Michaelson
    The Daily Beast

    Isnt it a given that Trump has no core beliefs, but he’s decided to bed down with other wealthy social conservatives? Hence since he is Sheldon Adelson’s boy he must of necessity be Netanyahu’s bitch.

    1. Correction:

      Change “down with other wealthy” to “down with wealthy”.