Thursday, June 7, 2018

seriousing up and down

I was stopped and held by the above photo this morning. It was somehow "worth it" to me even as other, probably more "important" issues came and went on my radar. Storks are important, anyone knows, because they deliver babies. But the other stories left to languish ... not so much.

Eg. Trump's tariff on solar panels has led energy companies to cancel or freeze $2.5 billion in investments; the U.S. shipped several Americans home from China after they were hit by what is apparently the same unsolved sonic mystery that hit the American embassy in Cuba a while back; some 200 Democrats will be represented in a court case opening today that alleges Donald Trump violated the "emolument" clause of the Constitution; Jamie Dimond and Warren Buffett suggest that the hunt for quarterly profits detracts from long-term growth of companies that will power the economic engine in future; what ever happened to climate change as an issue ... and a handful of others .... you can make decisions without any help.

I just haven't got what it takes to serious up.

A bird's feeding, on the other hand, grabs my attention. What, if anything, is wrong with this picture? One picture worth (that's right) 10,000 words. Imagine, there was once a time when 10,000 was conceived as a damn-near inconceivable number.

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