Friday, June 29, 2018

Israelis support Palestinians

As Israelis, we call on the world to intervene on behalf of Palestinians
We’re patriotic citizens but are horrified by the escalating tensions in our country: we fear for those who live here.
With Benjamin Netanyahu at the helm, with Donald Trump supporting the scenery, and with nuclear weapons as a ready enforcer, no doubt this call as well will be brushed off as the whining of yet another 'anti-Semitic' cabal. At least, to the best of my knowledge, Israel has not yet sought to detain Palestinians behind gates that once again proclaim, "Arbeit Macht Frei."


  1. When young and in college for a while, I took a job as a fry cook on campus. We got in trouble for making a paper banner we thought was fun, but the bosses did not. It read ARBEIT MACHT FREI COOK.


    1. Arbeit macht frei

      Never heard or read this before and had to look it up.

      Sick irony!

      BYW - Kitchen staff has a high rate of drug addiction.

      Recent info here:

      Google to get an idea how bad it’s been

  2. Among the folks I know who self identify as Jews, there is a 70/30 split, the majority not supporting Netanyahu and his Zionist approach of wiping out the Palestinians. It is interesting that those supporting a Zionist approach refuse to engage in discussion, but dwell on victimization, of the form, “so and so (a friend or family member) was attacked and almost killed by Palestinians.” The context never volunteered.

    Many years ago when I was in graduate school I tried to engage a group of Hasidic young men doing a small anti-Palestinian demonstratrstion of the kind that college students might be inclined to participate in. Not being students themselves they were forced off campus. They approached me hoping that I was Jewish. When I challenged their obvious hatred, were they became toxic and rabid!

    I wonder how prevalent Netanyahu’s support among Israelis really is; is it like Trump’s, Netanyahu’s supporters are actually just a vocal uninformed and / or prejudiced minority?

    In my assorted newsfeeds, I get either silence on the issue or criticism of Netanyahu. Among the critics I’ve see more about his and his wife’s alleged corruption that his treatment of Palestinians.