Tuesday, June 12, 2018

pre-emptive Israeli cyberworld

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli authorities have foiled over 200 Palestinian attacks by monitoring social media and sifting through vast amounts of data to identify prospective assailants ahead of time, according to Israel’s public security minister.
These pre-emptive actions put Israel at the forefront of an increasingly popular — and controversial — trend used by intelligence and law enforcement agencies around the world that use big data technology to track would-be criminals. While the technology appears to be effective, its tactics drew angry Palestinian condemnation and have raised questions about civil liberties.
As expected, what was foiled and the steps it required are not detailed.

The dictatorial noose grows tighter.

Seriously, couldn't we give the likes of Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu and other tin-pot, third world nations ... let's say the Seychelles or some less populous arena ... run a cyclone fence around it... and let these guys loose to do what they want so long as they remain at home and their home, not mine, is as secure as a Kevlar condom?

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