Friday, June 15, 2018

the economy for the rest of us

[T]he numbers that collectively sketch a picture of a vibrant economy don’t reflect reality for a range of Americans who still feel far from financially secure even nine years into an economic expansion.
From child-rearing to student debt, not everyone is a plump, pink oenophile who just picked up his or her first beamer.

But I suppose that won't become so apparent until after Donald Trump is re-elected.

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  1. Capitalism is touted as the best way to amass wealth, and the worst to distribute it. A healthy economy seems a bottom up program of folks earning and spending. Investing and credit just lead to the collapse of one industry or another roughly every twenty years. And said capitalist collapse is bailed out by taxpayers in a decidedly socialist fashion. A rigged market is not a free market. And however tidy a system may look on paper, an economic system is not paper, it's people, and people cheat.