Wednesday, August 3, 2016

beware the abysm

Yes, Virginia, things certainly can be abysmal.

But, lest we forget, there is also such a thing as an "abysm," -- a peculiar-looking word that may be imagined oozing and pustulating, the dark pinnacle of mediocrity.

Beware the
                                      ABYSM ....     


  1. abysm |əˈbizəm|
    a literary or poetic term for abyss: the abysm from which nightmares crawl.

    I suppose that's akin to nothingness. And i recall some zen master saying roughly 'don't be afraid of falling into nothingness, nothingness ain't so bad'.

    1. My sentiments exact, or at least at this juncture. One man's hell is so far my heaven. I can hardly paint a nice enso zen circle on a calligraphy paper already filled with everything.