Monday, August 29, 2016

Bog Snorkeling Championships - photos

Superheroes, mermaids and pink stetsons were in action at this year’s championships in the Waen Rhydd peat bog in Llanwrtyd Wells. Entrants must negotiate two lengths of a 60-yard trench through the peat bog in the quickest possible time without using any conventional swimming strokes.
A cavewoman celebrates after completing the course


  1. Tôi yêu Bồ Tát Quán Thế Âm. Tôi yêu con bò, tôi tiết kiệm bò, tôi chấp nhận con bò. Tôi yêu, hòa bình, và đức tin. Hurray! Owing the divine blessings of the Goddess of Mercy BỒ TÁT QUÁN THẾ ÂM I may be starting a cow protection non profit in Vietnam, maybe Hue I won't know :)

  2. Never can tell what the Welsh might do.