Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Donald Trump rant

This is a half-assed Donald Trump rant that, like all the others these days, is about as effective as a fart in a wind storm.


The other day, my wife picked up a bacon, tomato and lettuce sandwich from one of those restaurants that uses the term "hand-crafted" without embarrassment. She had half and I had half and I have to say that the bacon was scrumptious -- full of preservatives, I have no doubt, but meaty, salty and yum on the tongue. Hot damn! If bacon is going to kill me, this is the kind of bacon I was willing to succumb to.

In a more decorous and less-loud era, "swine" was a class A pejorative description of a bottom-feeding fool. Nowadays, with the volume up and pejoratives at a dime a dozen, "swine" is no longer on anyone's radar. And insulting the pigs which offer up scrumptious bacon hardly seems right. Why would anyone insult a pig when trying to wrap up the case of "Donald Trump?" Pigs deserve better.

I dislike standing in the liberal chorus and whining when it comes to the Republican nominee for president in 2016. The Trump phenomenon reflects poorly on the American electorate in one sense. The man is a sociopathic swine. And yet rightfully and understandably, he has tapped into the anger of those deprived of slops from well-heeled tables. Many are sick of getting fucked by people who have hand-crafted the machinery to fuck them with. Even those who despair of Trump's volume and irrationality are surprisingly nimble when it comes to drawing a line: Republicans who fashioned much of the fucking machinery really don't like Trump's lies and other antics, but they betray their own complicity by not simply saying, "Nope. I won't support him." Who knows, there may be some need for this madman someplace in the future.

Trump pounces on such two-faced-ness and brings the only argument he is adept at making: Without me, you're screwed. I know how to fix things. I know how to get things done. I am the who-is. To date, I have not heard a single policy statement from a man who claims to want to run America. No where has he answered the do-what-how questions that affect the country. It's enough that he has the answers. You do not need to know them.

A swine and his swill.

But every now and then, I really do get irritated. The man is indecent and unkind.


The latest kerfuffle involves a Muslim lawyer whose son died in combat.
The lawyer made a statement at Hillary Clinton's nominating convention. Trump pounced. The peanut gallery erupted: No one gets to diss soldiers who laid down their lives. Of course no one gets to question why or how that soldier should have been necessary in the first place. The myth will be maintained: If you die, you're a hero. The alternative would be too destabilizing to a war-making government. Anyway, Trump pounded on the "gold star" family that lost a son. He is getting criticized for it ... but not too loudly. And that, like every other topic he embraces, is fine: All roads lead to one conclusion: He is the answer, the focal point ... he does not esteem the country he would lead. And it is indecent. He lies (eg. says crime is up when crime is demonstrably down) and then is forgiven when he says "Wait a minute. I didn't mean exactly that...." And why is he forgiven? Because the anger he has tapped into is real.

Look at this blog post. It leads vaporously and ineluctably to the one topic Donald Trump prefers: Donald Trump. If he were a member of the Mafia, someone would have long since knee-capped him; his daddy would have taken him out behind the wood pile for a good ass-whuppin'. But there are no dons to do the work, no dads to know just where the whip is stored. And Trump knows it.

Does anyone else wonder what will happen after Trump loses the election? Will he pay someone to assassinate him and assure the status of some sort of martyr? Will he stand along the sidelines whining, "see! I told you so?"

Indecent. And the country goes begging. Hillary will be president -- the first woman president -- yay! another good ol' boy in Angela Merkel hand-me-downs -- oh shit! -- and Trump...? No doubt he will find a way to claim the laurals even after they have been awarded to another.

Whatever the case, I am ashamed to link a bacon-rich swine with someone whose swine credentials are as inconsequential as his political ones.

An indecent man.

A pig rich in bacon.


  1. Trump's trap: GOP nominee can't let go of perceived slights

    That's a headline from this morning. And it's true and aptly observed. He's so thin skinned he wanders off track. But as you say, there's a lot of rubbed raw folks out there who can relate to him.

    And also, as you say, he's tapped a vein that is fanatical in their support, no matter how stupid.

    Military Mom Booed at Pence Rally for Asking About Trump's Remarks on Capt. Khan

    That's another headline from this morning. The "make america great again" brand is without self awareness or decency.

    And the list of celebrity supporters is distasteful. It's an episode of samsara on steroids. It's shameful and scary.

  2. As a ps, bacon, chocolate and scotch. Fuck the virgins, that's the heaven i want.

    1. Charlie -- Do you mean you want the virgins AFTER the bacon, chocolate and scotch or that you want the bacon, chocolate and scotch and NEVER MIND the virgins ... or perhaps a bit of both?

  3. One of the benefits of old age, sex is more of a chore than a benefit. Not that looking isn't a pleasure... can these virgins dance?

    1. Yeah you guys taught me decently well more than a decade back. Somethin' about the back ache as well as the horrible mornings. Makes me laugh a lil when my prime minister had his second cancer last year with either some cancerous cells or his prostrate removed. Look, I am being open about public news releases, I am not defaming Him.

      Without the prostrate, there could still be a chance that He could have another son with in-vitro fertilisation as well as another wife. Again, look I am referring to newsworthy medical sciences, I am not telling my prime minister to get another wife when the one that just accompanied Him to Washington was His second. His dad Harry was the one that tried getting the island country infused with monogamy views and laws. So, being divorced is legal, being widowed is legal, but polygamy is not, says Harry Lee approximately.

      Good grief, do I look like I live in a country with 150 million females?