Wednesday, August 10, 2016

underdogs triumph in Rio

They went into it at 50:1 longshots and after six dives, Sam Dorman and Michael Hixon (from Amherst) came away with an Olympic Silver medal in synchronized diving:

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  1. I couldn't bring myself to laugh at the dejected face of Joseph Schooling who was being advertised as the Singaporean golden boy. He got knocked out at the 100m freestyle semi-finals finishing iirc last out of the final 16.

    Singaporeans, presumably youths, are very poignant people. Because unlike the United States, we don't even have much land area as well as our own water resources, take for instance recently there has been this gardening initiative modeled after the United States. I'm not sure about the quality of soil in the United States, but what I'm sure about is that there are American farms that are bigger than the land area of Singapore as a country.

    So in recent weeks, there has been a funny project that saw me having a small plot of land, that plot of land does not measure in acres, in fact it's smaller than Black Moon Zendo perhaps, about the size of my bed area in a platoon bunk, it's not even a fraction the size of a swimming lane.

    So when the Nazis could complain about Lebensraum during a past Olympics when their living density were still a lot less packed than Singapore the Republic, today I'm not trying to have Joseph Schooling come in top three with a medal at Rio, I'm just saying that if Joseph is going to finish last again in a swimming event, he might as well call himself a loser or a buddha instead of a 'golden boy'.

    Being an 'underdog' sounds fine, but underdogs on most days are used to losing. Look at Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, they are truly the underdogs over decades. So if one of them do win, we may say that the best underdog won.

    In the Jara Sutta, Padhana Sutta, the Buddha once said approximately that He spits on youth, health and life, I agree. I also spat on my own youth, health and life too, but it's not my job to spit on another's.

    So if this guy has gotten older and deserves to be spat on, it's his job to spit on his own aging, not my job to spit at him.

    If this guy has fallen sick and deserves to be spat on, it's his job to spit on his own sickness, not my job to spit at him.

    Now they ban chewing gum in Singapore so I can't just chew on gum and keep mum because even sale of gums is prohibited not just sale of guns.

    So please, if you or the world hasn't got something higher than suffering or gravity to give yourself or the world, don't make suffering sound like a triumph.