Sunday, August 7, 2016

"Hyena Road"

Some movies linger in my mind as being very good at what they try to do. Such a one was passed along the other day -- a war movie about a Canadian unit in Afghanistan. By actor-recognition, it was below the radar: I recognized none of the actors and for that reason was more open to it. But its principle strength lay, for me, in the attempt to depict the wars within the war that is now America's longest: tribal interests stitched with western intentions mixed with the overarching question, "what the fuck are we doing there?"

The movie is "Hyena Road" and I recommend it. Not as I would recommend "Apocalypse Now," which I think of as arguably the best movie about the Vietnam war, but in the same neighborhood as "The Hurt Locker" -- a quiet look at conflicting and interwoven interests. It lingers with me.

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