Wednesday, August 31, 2016

more fat people?

Is it fair or is it just another example of the old fart unbound...

People seem to be fatter these days than when I grew up. Triceps blubbering, hang-over bellies wriggling, melon-ball bits of blubber obscuring the pointiness of an elbow, calves and thighs like sequoias. If it were some primitive setting in Africa or South America, there would be a lot more kings and queens whose bulk was a mark of royalty and leadership.

And of course there are more kings and queens these days. Just ask 'em.

When I grew up, people seemed more trimmed by life, by sweat, by times when the dinner table was not always awash. There were things to do, sweat-work to be done, ball games to play ... and there was more angularity, more sinew, more trim and fit and hardened, perhaps. There was no fetish about it. It was just the facts.

Now, of course, there are stylish gymnasiums and cell phones to promote them.

It just seems to me that there are more fat people, no matter how heart-felt the analyses.

Is this important? I don't know. It's just a passing thought.


  1. It's important because fat is not beautiful. There's no getting around it, politeness notwithstanding.

  2. Words are food too. Have a word not a drink, and when you do you better think, "this is good again as ink is on this place for stuffing us".

  3. A song i wrote, years back in my rock 'n roller days.

    muck and googies

    daily bread and dorian gravy
    apple sky and pulpet stew
    once we’ve laid the worship table
    gastric orgasmic supper last forever

    you’re scraping by, your buicks dead
    your wife’s a pork pie, your kids you dread
    your kitchens cluttered, but tables laid
    when grace is uttered, you’ll put it away

    he’s making millions, got flashy cars
    his wife is pretty, his children stars
    his chef’s the best, and so’s his maid
    with fervent zest, he’ll graze for days

    white fat, everyones a big cheese,
    white fat, eating what they please
    white fat, do you fit the label,
    white fat, hunched over a table

    your belt is bursting, your heart is primed
    you’re liver’s suffering, you can’t unwind
    just one more helping, to see you through
    panting and sweating, you’re driven to chew

    your lifes a banquet of sweetest meats
    you’ve refined sugar and bleached your wheat
    you just add water and boil away
    you’re fit for slaughter, worms sing your praise

    white fat, jogging ‘cross the land,
    white fat, like swollen glands
    white fat, boiling on your back,
    white fat, hanging slack