Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Obama unloads on Trump

About damned time:
WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a searing denouncement, President Barack Obama castigated Donald Trump as "unfit" and "woefully unprepared" to serve in the White House. He challenged Republicans to withdraw their support for their party's nominee, declaring "There has to come a point at which you say enough."
While Obama has long been critical of Trump, his blistering condemnation Tuesday was a notable escalation of his involvement in the presidential race. Obama questioned whether Trump would "observe basic decency" as president, argued he lacks elementary knowledge about domestic and international affairs and condemned his disparagement of an American Muslim couple whose son was killed while serving the U.S. Army in Iraq.
I am no lock-step Obama fan, but I confess to feeling a jolt of relief that someone in a 'leadership' position would step out and lead in a way I could honestly endorse. It all may have a political aspect to it, but beneath that -- or behind it somehow -- it has nothing to do with politics. America has some pretty good principles, however haltingly they may be displayed, and Donald Trump has shown himself to be a man without principles. Someone needed to draw a plain-English line in the sand and, from where I sit, Obama did it. He gets my thanks.


  1. Trump has his "experts" look at a deal, and he makes an on the spot decision to buy or sell or stall. And if it was a wrong decisions, he files bankruptcy and looks to invest elsewhere. That's just a rich knucklehead diddling around in a casino. It is not presidential or leadership in any fashion.

    1. We sure have two casinos quite new in Singapore awaiting Trump's visitation. Btw, it's the first time I knew that my prime minister schooled at Mass.